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HEKIMA Interactive Marketing - Small Business Web Design - Image of Video Bank At HEKIMA Interactive, our vision of Web Design is different. Our Process involves looking deeper into your business needs and seeing well beyond the obvious. Our more experienced approach means beginning by asking better questions, such as, "What do prospective customers need to see on your web site in order for them to want to do business with you?" And, "Is your Web site found easily on BING, Yahoo! or Google?" Online is not just a visual medium. It is an Interactive Experience. If you like what you've read so far, then Contact Us about renovating your lackluster Web Sites and improving your online business performance.

Our Identity Mark

The identifying mark of HEKIMA Interactive Marketing is based on the ANANSE NTONTAN, or "spider's web," a West African Adinkra symbol that denotes wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life. Ananse, or "the spider," is a well-known character in African folktales. The spider's web can also be regarded as an emblematic equivalent to the Internet or 'world wide web.' This simple but elegant symbol reflects our fundamental tendency to use the most basic language to convey complex concepts.

Our People

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The HEKIMA Interactive Marketing staff is diverse, multidisciplinary, and well educated. As an employee-owned company, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us respond successfully to new opportunities and consistently improve our methods, often resulting in groundbreaking analyses and recommendations for our clients. Our founder has over thirty-five years of general experience in advertising and marketing, that also includes fifteen years involving online marketing and web design.

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Our Process

Our Experience has taught us the importance of Listening. Our Knowledge is based in knowing that we don't know everything, and that we DISCOVER more from Listening and Observing at the beginning of any endeavor. Only then do we proceed by integrating what we have learned to DIAGNOSE and DESIGN, which helps us to DELIVER better Results. We also consider our process cyclically. Which means that, upon producing results, we begin again by listening to feedback and then use what we learn from listening to feedback to constantly strive for improvement.

Search Engine Robots don't Buy Your Products — People Do! Small Business Web Design
Some Web Design firms, in addition to selling you a Web Site, charge you additional money to 'Optimize your Content' just so Search Engine robots can read it. While it is important to be listed higher on search engines, these self-styled 'experts' forget (or may never have learned) that Search Engine robots don't actually 'comprehend' what they read -- they only compile a statistical profile of your keywords. This often results 'keyword stuffing' which, at worst, can get your web site blacklisted; or, at best, creates ad copy that reads more like googledy-goop or is incomprehensible. The composing of simple, clear, and effective advertising copy that motivates readers to buy isn't easy, or everyone could do it. Before paying someone to do only half the job, or even attempting to tackle the monumental task of writing effective ad copy yourself, Contact Us. At HEKIMA Interactive, we start by reviewing what you want that copy to do, keeping in mind the consumer you want to reach, then write simply and clearly to establish an online dialogue with the consumer that makes them feel that you - or rather, your particular product - addresses their needs perfectly. All-the-while that we are selling you, and your products, we are also maximizing the keyword structure of your Web Pages. There is more to Web Design for Small Business that just simply building a Web Site. If you don't 'Do Your Homework,' then you more likely will be wasting time and money that your small business can not afford, while expecting results you will fail to achieve. Before plunging headlong into getting a Web Site for your Small Business, doesn't it make more sense to consult with someone who has a vast amount of experience in preventing other Small Business owners from making costly mistakes?

White Papers

Why Most Web Sites Fail
15 April, 2015. In the first big rush to 'Go Online,' many small businesses, not wanting to be left behind, hired a locally available 'Web Geek' who really knew very little (or nothing) about Marketing or Advertising to build their web site. These resultant web sites were, more often than not, nice technical achievements of dubious graphical esthetic that didn't sell squat. The volumes of critically important fundamentals of Marketing and Advertising that got overlooked in this rush to get on the Internet are epic in scope. At HEKIMA Interactive Marketing, we believe that a more Multidisciplinary cross-training approach is essential to prospering on the Internet. Small Business Owners who want a Return on their Investment in online marketing should seriously consider dumping the old 'Web Geek,' in favor of working with a professional marketing firm that has invested heavily in learning how to leverage the power of the Internet for small business.
When Online Video Fails
15 October 2014. Online Video works when viewed by your customers as important "Content," and not as just simply more "Advertising." Small businesses need to consider looking to use video as an internet marketing tool, while being mindful that 'having a video' on their web site, while a desirable thing, is not as important as 'having the right kind of video' on their web site. A recent study of the impact of online video as a persuasive tool found that 63% of respondents accessed online videos at least once a week and a surprising 70% of those surveyed cited webcasts as their most popular form of online video use. When consumers are going through the seemingly endless process of the research and consideration phase of the buying cycle, an online video or webcast that is seen as informative content instead of advertising can be the persuading element that differentiates you from your competition.
Radio adds to Online
15 August 2014. At any given time, 20% of web users are also listening to the radio. Radio Advertising can support your Online marketing and can also push consumers to websites they may not have previously considered. Online Marketing can pull in consumers from different locations, but it is radio advertising that is able to provide the consumer with a level of trust for new brands. HEKIMA Interactive Marketing can help you, the small business owner, see the importance of cross-channel marketing and leveraging customer behavior from both, the online, and offline worlds.

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